Sell services and accept payments on your WordPress website!

#1 Free WordPress plugin for small businesses and freelancers! Private Workrooms allow you to easily bill and receive payments online!

Easiest flow

Create private consultations workrooms, discuss all details,
estimate and get paid!



Start by discussing the project and clarify all the details



Provide an estimate for the scope work and allow your client to pay


Get Paid.

Get paid directly on your website and start a productive collaboration


Business Solution

Private Workrooms plugin was built for you and for all those who want to competently sell services on their website: Designers, Developers, Photography, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs. Endless list…

Get paid for your work directly on your WordPress website – everything is within reach!

ell services and accept payments online! – Private Workrooms
Communication power

No more contact forms, emails, and phone calls – productive conversation on your website is already possible. Discuss the project with your client and clarify all the details​ easily!

Estimate as a true professional

Provide your client with the full scope of work, attach several images and documents if necessary, right in the workroom. Estimate without leaving the site! Need to divide the payment into several parts to get an advance payment – not a problem, it’s up to you.

Payment freedom

By using the WooCommerce core, you have access to all the major online payment gateways. All you have to do is figure out which of them is more convenient for you and your customers.

Comfortable & Private

Working process

Even using the free version of the plugin, you and your client will be able to go through all stages of cooperation and receive payment, but the PRO version brings significant improvements and additional conveniences to this process