Complete Guide

Getting Started with Private Workrooms

Discussion Process

When your client clicks on a special link that you added to your site, he will be suggested to login/register and fill out a special form. You can modify that form and add your own fields if you are using PRO Version!

Start a project

Free estimate | No obligation to hire | 100% risk-free

After your client fills out a form, a new Private Workroom will be created.
If you using a PRO version you and your client will be notified by email about each action:

  • ✓ Welcome email for new users
  • ✓ New Workroom created
  • ✓ New comment posted
  • ✓ New file uploaded
  • ✓ Estimate provided
  • ✓ Payment recived
It is important to understand that each Private Workroom is a post, like Blog Post, Page, or Product and the same rules apply to it. So, just type a reply and your client will see it.
Markdown syntax

If you using a PRO version default comment form will be replaced by Visual Editor which is more comfortable for you and your clients!

Workroom details

In this block, you can see basic data about the Private Workroom, such as an identifier, status, and information about interlocutors.
If you using a PRO version you and your client will get information about online status!

Estimate details

When the time comes and you will be ready to provide your client with an estimate just click on the “Submit an estimate” button and fill out the form.

By default, you can create an estimate with only one bill, but if you using the PRO version you can divide the total bill into several parts to get an advance payment for example.


If you using a PRO version you and your client may share files. Just click “Upload new file” button choose something from your computer and hit “Upload”